Reflecting | 2017->2018

Hey dolls!

As were coming to 2018 what better way to motivate my blogging by sharing some of 2017 and my plans for next year.


So my luck with guys changed a bit this year. I’ve been on a lot of dates but usually after the first or second I’m not interested – am I fussy or do I not see any potential/value in them? I’m gona go with option 2. Haha. This year I went on 5+ dates with someone - and guess how we met? I saw him working, wrote down my number, gave it to my girls to give to him and next thing we started dating! So girls, if you see what you like, take your chance, you never know what could happen.

Do you ever find when things are going so well, it seems too good to be true? Long story short, after a few months it ended. I swear I always end up single just before Christmas or valentines looool. Me & the gals have a ‘valentines date’ tradition.

I’ve ac met someone new now who is not only tall and hot but so sweet – so fingers crossed it works out for me.


I've worked in Marketing 2 years. I love it but I want to be developing and doing more now. I’d also love to have a column in a magazine or do something that links in with my blogging! I love writing and giving advice. It's so competitive. I don’t know how i'll get there but I plan to figure out a way.

Holiday with my boyfriend (who doesn’t yet exist) 

Ok. First step in doing this - I need a man. Ha! I’ve only ever had holidays with family or my girls. I would love to go abroad with a boyfriend.

Save save save

I saved quite a bit this year but next year I want to be earning more money and saving more.

One thing I can say is I’m ending the year positively. 2017 has been one of the only years in a while that I’ve felt so happy and content within myself:

- I’m able to handle things and situations better.
- I don’t dwell over a guy if it doesn't work out (for too long anyway).
I’ve learnt that only you can make yourself happy.

What are your goals for 2018?
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