Budapest | 24th Birthday

Hey dolls!

I was lucky enough to spend my 24th birthday in Budapest last week with my girls and had the best time, I would defo recommend going. When I got back I ended up with Laryngitis and a cold...signs of a good holiday right?! Although being bed bound all week has been BORING. I'm finally nearly better and want to share what I got for my birthday!

My girls are the cutest and packed my presents for me to open in Budapest!

- Calvin Klein thong
- Boux Avenue treats
- Belly bar
- NYX contour stick (I can't contour at all I hope this will help loool)

Boux Avenue is one of my fave places to shop, and their underwear freshener's... I do a little improvisation & tie an elastic band through it and put it on my car mirror !!!

I had to do a close up of these sequin make up brushes.. I'm ac in love with them!!

How adorable is the heart shaped 'pretty little things' plate? My friend who also blogs thought it would be cute for blog pics which it defo is.

When I got back from Budapest my parents bought me Louis Vuitton card holder! Louis Vuitton is my fave ever, I did send a few cheeky pics to my mum hinting before my birthday haha.

Is there anything your lusting over atm?

S x



  1. You got so many lovely gifts! Happy belated birthday, by the way :)
    la veine chronicles

  2. I love those makeup brushes, they're so pretty!

    Emily xo

  3. Happy belated birthday babe, I'm so glad you had a blast in Budapest with the girls and it's so so sweet they packed your presents for you to have on holiday; so many gorgeous gifts! CK is always perfect and the sequin make-up brushes are totally to die for 😍 I love how shimmery and sassy they are, a total mermaid dream! The NYX contour stick sounds so perfect too. So glad to hear you're feeling better now, I really hope your 24th year is the best year yet 💖💖💖

    Sophie | soinspo xo

    1. I know they are so cute! Aww thanks so much x

  4. Happy belated birthday! Those brushes are so beautiful!

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