August | 18 going on 24

Me at 18 VS now: 23

Hey guys!

So with the weather recently, I'm wondering if our Summer is over now?! As much as I love the sound of rain and dressing for winter, I hate going out in it! Tbh I don't feel like much has gone right for me this year, but i'm trying to stay positive so I thought I'd do an uplifting post of 5 things I'm looking forward to over the next few months!

1. I'm turning 24 on the 31st August, ahhh.
My life is nothing I thought it'd be at this age, for one I'M SINGLE and is there even romance about anymore..?! Ok on the positive, I'm going Budapest with my girls for it, wahooo!
So I haven't grown since i was probably 14 years old! Haha.

2. I'm having a night out in England for my birthday before I go - I love any reason to dress up, have alcohol & have a night ALL ABOUT ME! Haha!

3. Bank holiday weekend means a day off work and with my Budapest annual leave I have about a 10 day break to chill!

4. I'm going Crete for a week in September, wahoo!!!

5. I know its still months away...but i'm gonna have to mention winter wonderland, don't you love it there?! Hopefully I'll ac have a man to go with by then haha!

What are you looking forward to over the next few months?

S x

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