Payday = Shop Till You Drop?!

Hey guys!

As we just had payday & I haven't been shopping in ages, I was so excited to go shopping! Except it wasn't so successful, don't you hate that? I usually always shop online, and the rare time I decide to go out (in this cold and rain = motivation that is), I can't find much!!

I did manage to get some cute things though:

I am loving this coral bikini from Ann Summers! Can you believe it was only around £11.50 on sale and £16 normal price, bargain! The colour is amazing, perfect for holiday when your tanned!

I can't resist a Mac lipstick, there my fave. I bought Snob and Saint German, snob is my everyday one.

I love this gold hair clip from primark, I like to tie my hair in a big bun and put this at the bottom for a bit of a glamour look!

I FINALLY bought an eye shadow brush! I'm so c.b.a. when it comes to make up, I literally use my finger to put on eyeshadow (& sometimes its actually a bronzer - ha!)

And lastly I bought a mini cotton wool dispenser from Primark! They do the cutest storage things don't they?

What have you bought recently?

S x
P.s - I recently created an Instagram account just for my blog and would love to connect with you! Search me at 'shelisesworld' :)

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