August | 18 going on 24

Hey guys!

So with the weather recently, I'm wondering if our Summer is over now?! As much as I love the sound of rain and dressing for winter, I hate going out in it!  Tbh I don't feel like much has gone right for me this year, but i'm trying to stay positive so I thought I'd do an uplifting post of 5 things I'm looking forward to over the next few months!

1. I'm turning 24 on the 31st August, ahhh.
My life is nothing I thought it'd be at this age, for one I'M SINGLE and is there even romance about anymore..?! Ok on the positive, I'm going Budapest with my girls for it, wahooo!

Me at 18 VS now: 23

So I haven't grown since i was probably 14 years old! Haha.

2. I'm having a night out in England for my birthday before I go - I love any reason to dress up, have alcohol & have a night ALL ABOUT ME! Haha!

3. Bank holiday weekend means a day off work and with my Budapest annual leave I have about a 10 day break to chill!

4. I'm going Crete for a week in September, wahoo!!!

5. I know its still months away...but i'm gonna have to mention winter wonderland, don't you love it there?! Hopefully I'll ac have a man to go with by then haha!

What are you looking forward to over the next few months?

S x

Payday = Shop Till You Drop?!

Hey guys!

As we just had payday & I haven't been shopping in ages, I was so excited to go shopping! Except it wasn't so successful, don't you hate that? I usually always shop online, and the rare time I decide to go out (in this cold and rain = motivation that is), I can't find much!!

I did manage to get some cute things though:

Why I Don't Care What People Think Of Me

Hey guys!

I haven't done a lifestyle post in sooo long and with the rain outside, it's the perfect day for tea, blankets and blogging ha.

Basically I would describe myself as marmite; people either love me or hate me.


Hi guys!!

So I can never get enough of wishlist posts, there's always so much I want! These are some summer outfits I am lusting over:

OOTN: Thigh Rise, Strapless, Choker

Hey guys!

I thought i'd share an outfit I wore out recently, it's one of my favourites. I went to a bar/club but if you know me 'over the top' is never a bad thing! I love to dress up!

Meeting People On Tinder | #YouTube Channel

Hey guys!

So me and my girl (who also blogs) Laura,  have a YouTube channel called "London Girls". Our new video is all about Tinder; meeting people on it, the dates we've had from it, our experience from it etc.

Beauty Products | Top 5 Must Haves

Hey guys!

I thought i'd share my favourite beauty products, tbh i'm not really the best at make-up, I spend more on certain make-up I love, but I don't have a large selection (apart from lipsticks!) and no matter how many YouTube tutorials I watch, I still can't contour! Ha.


Date Night Outfit | Simple & Elegant

OOTN | If It's Gold, #ITSMINE

Hey guys!

On Friday night I went to a club called Dstrkt, in London. Have you ever been? I wore the a black ans gold midi skirt which was SO hard to walk in due to the non-stretch material, but it was so nice I just had to keep it!

OOTN | Top Knot & Choker Style

Hey guys,

So at the weekend I went to a club called "Aquum" in Clapham - have you ever been? It was a really good night out that led to a bad hangover, standard lol.

The half up, half down topknot look and chokers are in fashion right now and I thought the look went perfect with this style dress. Its halter neck and drops down at the back - i love a bit of a doll look!

Seventeen INSTANT GLOW Shimmer Brick VS Bobby Brown

Hey guys!

I thought i'd do a review of the "Seventeen Instant Glow Shimmer Brick". It is ac amazing and only £5! I literally picked this up randomly years ago. But I love it so much I keep re-purchasing.

It's very similar to the Bobby Brown shimmer brick which is £35.

Yes I Braved The Cold | OOTD: Baby Pink Vibes

Hey guys,

I haven't done a lifestyle post in so long, mainly because its SO cold, but I braved the cold! Baby pink is my favourite colour and in trend along with puffa jackets and the choker look.

Sat Night Journal | A Life Learning

So as I lay in bed on a Saturday night watching bride wars, thinking am I ever going to get married (why do us girls love watching rom coms knowing they can get us sad ha), my mind started to have a wonder.

How To De-Stress Yourself | Inner Peace

Hey guys,

So we all go through times when we feel stressed and down, sometimes we don't even know why! You know when you can't sleep, get moody, irritated... 

Usually when i'm stressed, I go gym consistently and try keep busy. But recently, I've been intrigued by Yoga.

New YouTube Channel | London Girls

So me and my girl Laura, who also blogs, thought it would be fun to set up a YouTube channel.


5 Signs He Won't Wife You #BoyBye

Don't you love that excited feeling you get when you're talking to a potential bae? In some cases, it doesn't last more than a few days, those are the worst! But when it does, how do you know if you're wasting your time?