Simple Things that Make Me Happy

Hey guys!

Okay so I've just recently got back into blogging and wanted to do a positive post - just over a year ago I wasn't in the best place, but now i'm the complete opposite and couldn't be happier, its crazy. I think it's a a nice way for other bloggers to get to know me slightly too!

1. Wearing no make up

Omg I used to hate myself without make-up, I would even put it on if I was at home all day (crazy I know). I'm so comfortable now that I sometimes go out without any (maybe a cheeky bit of MAC Snob lipstick and under eye concealer - being 23 & in full time work does that to you, ha).

2. Blogging

Cliche?! I've had my blog a year - I stopped for ages when I started full time work but now i'm used to it i'm blogging again and it does make you more positive and motivated in life, especially seeing other bloggers posts and comments to you.

3. Confidence

I really use to let what people said to me or about me affect me, but not anymore - people are going to judge and say things whether your doing good or bad, as long as you know your doing good that's all that matters.

4. Dating

I don't get scared to go on dates anymore - wahoo! I mean I still used to go, but I would get so nervous before hand .. now I get excited.

What makes you happy?

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S x  

Girls & Hate

So recently a few things have happened that made me feel quite down and upset, and its something I feel quite strong about and I know many girls will relate to - so I decided to blog it and would love to also hear your stories.
Something that's been an issue and I'm sure others, my whole life is other girls being mean and hating for no reason other than the fact their either jealous or threatened - lets face it we all know this is the reason other girls act like this. You would think it stops at school but no matter what age you are, these things don't stop.

As girls I think we get enough from guys treating us bad, talking about women disrespectfully, we should all be sticking together not hating on one another for nothing.

I've always put on a front with things and act like I don't care what anyone says, but I'm only human, it does get to me sometimes.

I'm very petite and small, & people tend to always compliment this, but because of my frame, body, etc, (I'm not being big headed), girls will be unnessarily horrible to me or say things to try put me down.
Girls also love to tell me is to eat more. I find it really offensive and rude - you wouldn't say it to a larger person, so why is it okay to say it to a smaller person?

I'm healthy, I go gym sometimes, and i'm naturally small. It's sad that I even need to justify it. I'm confident within myself and if someone is happy with themselves why try and put them down..
Moral to the story ....

People are going to judge you no matter what, and say things whether your doing good or bad  .. but if you love yourself you will always rise above it.

Have you had any bad experiences with girls?

S x

Dressy VS Casual

I chose these two outfits as they describe my personality a bit - most of the time you will always see me in trainers and big earrings ha but I love dressing up in boots and heels too. I included a tracksuit set as they are becoming more fashionable to wear e.g. camo, velvet, and I love the cropped style. Over the knee boots are also are a fave - wear with a jumper/dress or mini skirt, so simple! 

Jumper keyhole dress: New Look
Over the knee boots: ASOS Truffle Collection
Bag: Louis Vuitton
Sunglasses: Prada

Camo tracksuit set: Pretty Little Thing
Trainers: Huaraches, JD
Sunglasses: Prada

Whats your favourite casual or dressy look?
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