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I thought I would share what I wore out last weekend as I love the outfit.

Its a size 4 from Oh Polly and you can find it HERE. I’m 5ft 1 and it runs true to size. The material is satin which is in fashion right now, it feels so nice I could touch it all day ha and it was only £28.

I wore it with a diamante choker from river island – it was £14 (it's not on the website for me to hyperlink, I bought it recently in-store though. It is quite thick but still looks amazing on.

The gold lace up heels are from Missguided and were around £35. They are bearable comfy ha I wear gel insoles inside which make it less painful but their defo heels I would always look to wear out.

I wore a stick on backless bra from pink boutique, see HERE - highly recommended especially if you have hardly any boob like me ha I never wear strapless bra’s cause they just fall down but this is sooo comfy you can’t even feel it on and the sticking is perfect. It was only £10 and you can re-use it.

My makeup is Armani luminous silk foundation (see my review on this HERE), and I wore red cherry 043 lashes which you can buy HERE.

What’s your favourite online shop?
S x

How to be Rich

Okay so I know i'm not rich - yet.

But I wanted to write this post because I believe your mind-set is everything. People think things are impossible and talk about the insanity of "dreaming too big" - let me say it's better to aim high, then settle for less because you don't think you can do it.
One of my ex boyfriends used to say to me i'm crazy, "I set my standards too high and think too much of myself", (you can read about this bad relationship in my "what goes on behind closed doors post" HERE). People will always judge and call you crazy, but your doing it for yourself - not them. 
This was when I finished University. I  was working at Thorpe Park, struggling to get a graduate job. Not only did I hate the job, but people there were horrible to me, and I would get upset everyday. But it didn't stop me - I was money motivated and had friends that see why I shouldn't give up, when I wanted too.

My aim in the summer of 2015 was to have:
- A job in marketing
- A new car
- A decent salary

A year later I achieved it. I wouldn't say i'm on the pay I'd like to be on right now, but it's decent for my age especially when so many other graduates haven't found their career job yet - it's hard.

I was a graduate, on a marketing internship, on an undergraduate salary. My internship was meant to be for 6 months. I made a portfolio of work to show why they should keep me. They said they didn't have any roles. A higher role came up and I asked to be put forward. They said I wasn't experienced enough. 2 weeks before my contract ended, they said they wanted to keep me - one of the reasons was because they saw my passion.

Of course I had to ask for a changed job title and a salary to reflect this ;) ....  if you don't ask, you don't get.

None of this would of happened if I didn't go after what I set my mind to. And with that, I bought myself a new car (a white Audi A1, wahoo!).

I know i'm not rich yet, but.....

1. Know yourself where you want to be - set your goals, aim high and vision it - you can do it if you tell yourself you are and will achieve it.

2. Have friends that are just as motivated as you - a shared vision helps encourage you to achieve it, you become like the people you hang around with.

3. Make sure your in a job you like - we all want to be rich, but if you don't enjoy what you do, you won't be motivated to be the best you can be.

4. Don't focus only on spending, save! Even if it's £50 a month, you can open accounts you can't touch for say a year and also gain interest from it.

5. Save first, invest later. Don't put all your money in investments at a young age.

6. Making money doesn't happen overnight - I need to keep telling myself this. I feel like I'm in such a rush to get to the point where i'm balling, but you need to get/do better to get to that - experience and improving your skills is important.

What are your views on making money for the future? Do you have any tips?