Positivity | FOCUS ON YOURSELF, Stop Comparing

Recently I've been thinking about the way society is these days, it’s easy to think negatively about yourself or life. Social media definitely has a big impact on things, i know i'm not the only one who compares themselves to girls pictures on instagram ha.
It's so easy to over think little things and get stressed. I’m 23 in August and always think what if I never get married or have children. It sounds ridiculous because I’m young, but I’ve always been scared of being alone and not finding “the one”. I think a good way of staying focused and happy is to see a positive outlook on every situation, and to focus on what you’re doing, not what others are doing – "your speed doesn't matter, forward is still forward".
 Here's an example of a negative situation I turned into a positive.. All my life I've had people doubt my intelligence, call me dumb, stupid, or just make fun of the way I talk for example because I have quite an innocent voice (people love to mimic what I say lol).

When I was at Primary school, my head teacher told my parents I wouldn’t get into a grammar school. When I was at Grammar school and college, everyone doubted my ability to do well in life and go to University. But I succeeded, graduated, and now work in Marketing which is what I’ve always wanted to do.
At University, the boys I lived in Halls with, as well as others, although they were “friends”, would always make comments implying I’m dumb – bearing in mind I actually did better than all of them….awks.
I don’t mean that in a big headed way either. It used to get me really down, and made me doubt my own ability, I would always think “I can’t do it”, but I’ve been lucky to succeed in everything that I’ve set my mind to, because I worked hard. Now I view the positive outlook of the situation, it made me more focused and determined to prove everyone wrong as well as do it for myself. As a person I admit I can be quite dopey, but there is a difference between being dopey and dumb, I’m not dumb and definitely wouldn’t want anyone thinking that.
Key to a positive life:
1 - Never let someone tell you, you can’t do something
You honestly can do anything you set your mind to, be an optimist: view the positive aspect – for e.g. if you don’t get a job you really wanted, everything happens for a reason, a better opportunity will come along in the future.
2 – Keep busy
Although time to yourself is important and healthy, I believe keeping busy makes you feel more productive, focused, and helps you set your mind towards making more money and achieving your goals – although I’m sure it’s different for everyone, what’s your view?
3 – Who you hang out with
I swear this is such a key factor. You begin to act like the main people you talk to and hang around with all the time. I use to be “friends” with people in the past that just made me feel negative about myself, life, everything, and did not benefit my life in any positive way. One person actually unintentionally started changing me – think wisely.
What’s your key to  a positive life?