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Hey everyone,

So I'm sure I'm not the only one who's spoken to someone from social media they've never actually met, I mean it's not an everyday thing, but it happens sometimes! You know, they add you, follow you, and you eventually start talking.. has anyone ever had a successful experience of this?! It's nice socialising with people you've never met sure, but I hate the thought of going through that awkward moment when you have to meet for the first time, can't we skip 5 minutes into it when we've met?!

I'm going to share an experience I had, a few years ago.. when I was 18-19, and it was by far the worst date I've had haha! One that I remember so vividly..

Me and this guy had been following each other on Instagram a while, I can't say how we even found each other, you know how it is though.. when you and someone keep liking each others posts for ages but you've never actually spoken. Anyway, back in the day when I was 18-19, Oceana, Kingston used to be the place I would go to allll the time! It was the local place I would always see everyone I knew, and guess who I saw?!

Yep.. I'm at the bar and notice the guy standing next to me is kind of good looking, then I think to myself, I swear I know this guy. He said to me "Do I know you? I swear I have you on Instagram" haha so we got talking, exchanged numbers. 

He asked me to go cinema, and that's where it all went wrong.

I got ready, made myself look nice, and I'm standing in the cinema waiting for him.. 
Half hour later..he eventually turned up. We got to the till and the guy asks "Would you like one or two tickets?" He replies "one".

I don't know about you, but I always think it's a gentlemen thing for a guy to pay on a first date, especially if they ask you out and if their trying to make a good impression! Of course I came prepared and didn't expect anything, so I bought my own ticket, he bought himself a drink and didn't offer me one so I bought myself a drink aswel! Good start so far haha! 

We're in the cinema, he keeps trying to kiss me, I don't mind a cheeky little kiss but the way he was coming on I could sense his intentions from then on, so I pulled away and just distanced myself.

When the film finished, we walked outside and he asked if I was hungry, "mm I'm not that hungry" I said, thinking he would offer to go for a snack or drink, but his reply was "fuck it, lets just go Mcdonalds" - got a keeper right there! lool.

I guess he did buy me a 99p popcorn chicken *awks*. We ended up getting on well though, we were talking for like an hour just about everything, I started changing my mind about him, until I realised instead of looking at me he was looking at other girls behind me.

We left Mcdonald's (that's embarrassing to even say haha), and just went for a walk, we was walking and saw the park so we went in to just go on the swings (your never too old for swings haha). We were talking, getting on well, until these 3 girls started walking towards me. I could sense they were going to say something to me and all I kept thinking was "their gona start on me, their walking over, what do I do - I mean, i'm with a guy on a first link, this is so embarrassing". It was what I would describe as a racial attack. And it only gets worse....

They came over and started shouting things and I had no idea who these girls were, never seen them in my life! And if you see me i'm a 5ft 1, petite little thing. I was just looking at this guy like so embarrassed and the park was enclosed with a gate so it wasn't like we could easily walk off like that.

"Do you like BBQ sauce" they said to me. So you can guess what they were about to do next (this was by far the most embarrassing thing of my life it hurts to even write it out lool). So yeah, they started squirting sauce ALL over me, my face, clothes, everything. I was putting my arm out like "can you stop doing that", but they continued. I mean, I can stick up for myself for sure, I'm not a fighter though! You would think being with a guy he would at least try protect me a bit from 3 big girls, but nope, he stood their and watched -  awks. My thoughts....

So yeah as I said it was a racial attack, so after a bit they actually squirted some on him, and he started running off leaving me! "Quick, come on" he kept saying, i'm thinking wait a minute.. they started on me and you watched, they put a tiny put on you and you run off and leave me!
My tiny legs couldn't even keep up with him. Luckily, my house was 2 minutes from the park so we called it a day, finally. The next day he actually messaged about going out again *confused* my reply was "sorry i'm looking for a man, not a boy".. awks.

Has anyone ever had any bad dates? Feel free to share!


  1. OMG you poor thing! I mean it's terrible enough going to Mcdonalds on your first date, but then having people pick on you mid date is so embarassing. I haven't had a really bad date, but I have also had the awkward moment when you end up paying for yourself for a meal. I mean as a girl you never know what to do, whether to offer or to assume he will pay. (some guys get offended when girls offer to pay). I can tell he wasn't a man, he should have stood up for you, that could have changed your mind completely about him! I hope your future dates are much better :) xx


    1. I know! Definitely, I think it's polite to offer to pay and not assume they will, thanks haha xx

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  3. Oh my, that was an awkward date for sure. About everything went wrong...

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  4. Oh my gosh, bless you - this sounds absolutely awful! I'm not saying boys paying for everything gives them any more right to expect a kiss or two, but to think he was going to get stuck into you after all that is just audacious. Good on you for turning him down the second time though - hope you unfollowed him on Instagram too! x

    Viva Epernay

    1. Yeah I agree he wasn't treating me good to even deserve a peck! Thanks haha yeah definitely stopped speaking to him x

  5. He was an ass!! He just wanted to screw you over. I can't believe there are such boys in this world, who raised them?? Where his mama at?? I am so sorry for that ordeal, I don't know the guy but I already hate him on your behalf,NKT!! I hope you got over that traumatic experience though. My experience was similar without the mean girls but I instead paid for the tickets and taxi by myself, you lucky you went dutch with that prick!!

    1. I know!! some of the guys in this generation :/ where is the romance these days!! It was verrry embarrassing, but I got over it! xx

  6. First of all, I love the response you sent back to him the next day, you go girlie.

    Secondly, what the heck?! I can't believe there are people in the world who would actually do something so stupid and immature as to squirt sauce at someone! I'm so sorry that happened to you hun. Forget them all, you're a beautiful person. Kudos to you for having the courage to share and talk about this :-)

  7. My god that's awful! I must admit I don't mind paying for myself but I think it is only fair him atleast buying you a drink or maybe explaining?! Seemed like ass anyway! x

    Tamz |

  8. I can't believe he didn't pay for the movie- he's the one that invited you out! Good for you having your own money girl!

    I can't believe what happened to you in the park- that is insane!! Hope you unfollowed him!

    Rhenicia |

    1. I know! I definitely cut contact, I don't get that either, when guys ask you out then don't pay, so many guys these days don't know love or romance anymore xx

  9. Aw no, he sounds terrible! Well done for having the courage to say no to him, I can't believe people can be like that either :O I met my partner online, we chatted for three to four months before meeting up in person, I was so nervous I brought my younger sister along too! xD luckily he was so kind and sweet and didn't mind ^^ my sister felt super awkward though xD xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | (doing follow for follow on bloglovin or instagram)

    1. Aww what a cute story! Haha I would be so nervous meeting first time too! xx

  10. Oh how terrible babe! Sorry to hear that. Have a great week!
    Much love, Len

  11. OH!! that sound a awful! I am always surprised by the some people stupidity. I am really glad everything was ok at the end.

  12. Oh my gosh that sounds so awkward and awful!!! I'm impressed that you had the patience to put up with him throughout the 'date', I would have probably just ran for the hills after ten minutes, haha! Good for you on sending him that reply...Did he say anything back? Meeting people online can be dodgy, although I met my boyfriend online seven years ago and we've been together since. <3 x



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