Foundation Review | Armani vs Dior

Hey guys!

So I thought I'd do a review on Armani Luminous Silk vs Dior Star Foundation. Firstly, my skin type is oily and I like foundations that give a dewy look.

Armani Luminous Silk:

I've been hearing good reviews about this for ages, its priced at £40 and comes in loads of different shades. The title "Luminious Silk" sounds quiet elegant and appealing and really does what it says. The colour is an exact match to my skin tone - shade 6.5.

I love that the bottle comes with a pump, and its medium sized compared to the Dior, so is perfect in a make up bag.

I've been through a lot of foundations and this is by far my favourite, especially if you like the dewy look. It makes your skin look amazing, glowy, healthy and on a night out I apply quite a few layers and it never gives a cakey look! Even though I have oily skin it never makes me look shiny in a bad way.

I apply this with a foundation brush, it's so lightweight aswel! No matter how many layers I apply, it always feels light on my skin and I can wear this for hours - another reason why I love it. This is a picture of me wearing it, as you can see it gives an amazing glow.

The only downside I would say is if you have any spots, because of the luminious look this gives, I feel like it actually highlights spots rather than conceal them - so the coverage, its not the best.

Have any of you tried this foundation? What are your thoughts?

Dior Stars:

Okay so this foundation the bottle is a lot bigger. It also has a pump which is an advantage, is SPF 30 and is priced at £32.50.

The coverage on this foundation is medium and you can add multiple layers to give a flawless, but non-cakey look. For spots etc, I think it's a good foundation and conceals well.

However, the SPF in it makes it awful for flashback. I can't wear it anymore because I realised that it makes me look like a ghost in photos! And photos are a must!!! As well as that, one time when it was quite hot outside and it actually made me break out in some spots. Here's a bad photo to show you the difference between my face and skin colour (bearing in mind I was colour matched and this is an exact match to my skin tone).

Awful colour difference and picture!! It's a shame because it is actually a good foundation.

On a positive note, the foundation is lightweight and feels nice on my skin when wearing it. I applied this with a foundation brush, although having read various reviews and hearing the make-up artist who did my make over when I purchased it, a beauty blender is a better application to apply it as it gives a more flawless look.

Have you tried either of these foundations?


  1. I've never tried either of these foundations, they both sound fab but I think I prefer the sound of the Armani one. The flashback with the Dior one is not good! Such a shame because other than that it sounds really good.

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. Yeah the Armani is amazing!! I don't think i'l ever change foundations now, my Dior just sits on my shelf! awful flashback xx


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